My Evolution! (Days 17-23)

24 Jan My Evolution! (Days 17-23)

Reset- to set again or anew. The 31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge has been amazing in allowing me to truly connect with myself on a deeper level. There is no doubt that we are guided by principles and beliefs instilled in us early on that ultimately shape the person we are to become. I am a firm believer that growing doesn’t cease until we are without life. Sometimes this growth/retooling can be painful however necessary. Reset has challenged me to look beyond the surface of my life, my beliefs, my actions, and my thought processes and maximize on the potential- the potential to live abundantly and whole.

This week was a sigh of relief. The tasks presented were “already” done.

1-      Find a good therapist -Yes, sometimes you need someone else to help you sort out your mess. This was one of the wisest decisions I’ve made. Going against the grain helped me become physically and emotionally well again at a very dark time in my life.

2-      Spice up your love life –spontaneous, just because, fun, fresh, and new!! Skyy’s got this!!

3-      Get rid of stuff- If I don’t use it, I don’t need it! Clutter is my enemy!

4-      Plan Your Reset project- My project is big and will require more than a month. My goal is to pay off as much unnecessary debt as possible by year’s end.

5-      Ditch TV for 24 hrs. – Much needed as I am a Law and Order junkie!!  I was able to get some much needed writing done without the distraction.

6-      Purge Negative People from Your life- ironically they removed themselves a while ago and the few stragglers were axed prior to the new year. Carefully and slowly building my circle of strength.

7-      Find a community to set your goals- check, check, and check!! This was/is an essential part of my pruning and preparing for the next level!!

  • Bflyy
    Posted at 03:31h, 25 January Reply

    Love this post. Number 4 is me too!

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