My Awakening- Values in Action (Day 4)

06 Jan My Awakening- Values in Action (Day 4)

That mirror again!! The past few days were valued centered assignments. I was required to not only identify my top ten values but also rate them on a scale of 1-10 as to their applicability in my life. Was I putting the walk in the talk? I came up short.  Skyy had too many irons in the fire. Not until now could I equate my periodic feelings of being overwhelmed to the many irons that were smoldering my fire and blurring my vision. Looking at the big picture, I just knew that the things that I valued were being paid careful attention, were being positively fed and nurtured, and so had no other option but to thrive and materialize to the fullest -my spiritual walk, family, friendship, health, financial stability, trust,  and integrity to name a few. After all you see, I’m superwoman or so I thought.

Out of nowhere things began to fall apart, which prompted the self-examination in the latter 2010. I didn’t stop to question why. I attributed the issues to bumps in the road… to this thing called life where things happen. Reset 10 proved it to be more. Reset 10 proved that superwoman was a myth. She was flawed.  Those irons, my ambitions, the my way or the highway attitude had garnered me a less than average return because of the less than average investment I was giving. Yes, I could spend more time listening, standing still, seeking and so forth.  I needed a value-check in deed. It could have not been made any clearer than on yesterday. My future husband and I were having a conversation. The last thing he said to me was, “this is what “I” need from “You.” I stopped mid-step not sure if I should jump up and down for my Hallelujah moment or apologize. I did both.

Roots give rise to many things and how those roots are nourished determines if the fruit will be bountiful and plentiful or will be useless. I’ve been giving those roots just enough to live, just enough to bring to the threshold of full bloom, but not enough to reach its full potential. My roots- my values- my commitment my reset.

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