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24 Jan The Soul Experience

An estimated 39 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse exist in America with the median age being 9 years old.” 

It’s been a year since the penning of Soul on Fire. From the advance review copies to the final version I have been humbled by the reception and the impact of the novel. This was a story that had to been written in a way that would evoke feelings to do something different. No longer would we, could we sit idle with mouths closed and eyes blinded and allow this ugly act to touch the lives of our offspring as well as others. As you see, when we become prisoners of guilt and shame that’s exactly what happens. Soul on Fire explores the ramifications of childhood sexual abuse from the adult victim’s perspective.  The victim, whose life is spiraling out of control as a direct effect of being physically and emotionally broken early on.

The stigma of childhood sexual abuse is powerful indeed. I found myself wrestling with words and scenes throughout the writing process. Sometimes afraid to be vivid in description for fear of a reader assuming the things I wrote about were my secrets. Oh what shame! At those moments I could empathize with the victims, although I understood the abuser should be the ones carrying that burden.

The first reading/sharing of Soul affirmed that the novel was going to do exactly what was intended –provoke dialogue, break cycles, and heal. After the reading, a young woman walked up to me with tears in her eyes and grabbed my hand. Looking me in my eyes she stated with courage and candor, “Thank you for telling my story, now I can heal.” My heart was overwhelmingly full. And I cried with her and for her.  Along the way I have had many women willingly and openly share their stories of abuse with me and how Soul captured it all. And for others, Soul touched on memories so painful that they’d rather not remember.

It was also amazing to see how many people could read the same book yet formulate varying ideas which lent to hearty discourse or highlight the things they identified with most.  The men have been really good troopers and exemplified maturity in sharing/listening amongst groups of women. Pound! Pound!

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all that have supported me and Soul on Fire thus far. It’s been an awesome ride and the momentum is getting stronger. For those that have suffered at the hands of abuse or know someone who has, Soul on Fire is sure to put you/them on a path to restoration. And for those that are on the outside looking in, there is something for you as well. We are all interconnected in some way and what happens to another will surely affect us directly or indirectly. Visit to get your copy today.

Lastly, to all my Dana Taylor’s, bruised does not mean broken! Continue your passage from victim to survivor because you are simply that. Let your life be a beacon of hope for others. 

Live Well,



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