Greetings 2011! (Day 31)

02 Feb Greetings 2011! (Day 31)

My theme word for 2011 is OVERFLOW– an excess or superabundance. I want to birth/experience overflow in the key areas of my life- relationships, family, health, finances, lifestyle, work, and education. Living my life on task (purpose driven) this overflow becomes available and in turn flows over all that I encounter.  My voice will be lifted to empower girls and women. My torch is lit and in hand ready to blaze trails! My heart, mind, and arms are open for the overflow!!
I couldn’t just have one theme song for 2011!! “Golden” by Jill Scott and “Closer” by Goapele are the two I’ve chosen to embody. Dare to be Inspired because I am! Excited about the infinite possibilities that await YOU and ME!
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