I Am! I Can! I Will! (Day 11)

13 Jan I Am! I Can! I Will! (Day 11)

How can a driven and ambitious person have any thoughts that would be limiting? Out of these three beliefs – I’m not good enough, I’m not important, and mistakes and failure are bad, I found myself identifying more with the latter. I have indeed experienced my share of mistakes in life, exercised poor judgment, and fell short of my target on some ventures. With these shortfalls I felt bad and sometimes inadequate. Failure was not  an action I am/was accustomed to. Swirling around in my subconscious are thoughts of not living up to expectations or dropping the ball, so I carefully and meticulously mull over things. Sometimes over thinking so much I miss the simplest routes. This notion or belief that mistakes and failures are bad was subtle for me only showing its ugly face when something went awry. Today I worked on eliminating it and will continue to do so. Looking at the grand scheme of things the only way a mistake or failure can be bad is when I don’t learn from the experience and repeat it. I affirm today:

 It’s okay if the undertaking didn’t turn out to be all that I expected as long as I gave it my best.

I will capitalize on every mistake and learn from it. The only failure is lying down.

Yes, the only limits I have are the ones I place upon myself and I don’t have any!

  • kandy maria mims
    Posted at 18:14h, 13 January Reply

    I enjoyed reading this. I really needed this!

  • ZenzilesWay
    Posted at 23:37h, 13 January Reply

    so true Skyy…when we demand the best from ourselves, we must remember to be gentle when we fall, and then learn to get back up with dignity and direction.

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