Skyy’s Growing! (Day 8)

09 Jan Skyy’s Growing! (Day 8)

Briefly engaging in a twitter chat a few months ago, one of my followers and I discussed marriage and the lack thereof among African American women. We both concluded that many of us don’t know ourselves enough to know what we want or need and to truly discover this would require some soul searching- some self examination. This was absolutely true.  I had to be real enough with myself to admit that I didn’t completely know either. The 31 Day Reset Your Life Challenge was my blessing in disguise. From the beginning I knew it would be an awakening for me, yet I wasn’t intimidated. I yearned for more, more of me, more of the truth.  

Now that week one is complete, I have learned that although I am fully aware of the things that are important to me that there has been a disconnect in my actions. My talk and walk were out of sync. If I am to move towards maximum impact in all facets of my life (relationships, family, health, finances, education, lifestyle, and work) my core values should be revered as such.

The part that I have enjoyed most thus far was writing my personal mission statement. Every time I read that statement, I am re-invigorated. I feel bold, courageous, and a tad bit afraid. But what change isn’t frightening? What leader does not feel a little anxious guiding “their” people to a new place? With that, I feel the fear and I’m doing it anyway. After all, I have the ability to create, nurture, and transform. I am a WOMAN!!

Lastly, the exercise that pained me was actually seeing that there were more things I didn’t like about key areas of my life than I liked. I found myself staring at the paper and thinking hard. Yep, lean a li’l bit closer and roses really smell like poo-poo-poo!

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    Posted at 04:43h, 10 January Reply

    Love it!

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