Short and Serious!!

28 Feb Short and Serious!!

Last night I had the pleasure of supporting a budding entrepreneur in her own right. The event’s tagline simply stated “it’s never too late for love.” Greeted with the perfect ambiance of dim lighting, nice music, and friendly faces, I was ready to experience a sensual evening of poetry and decadent sweets. Ndigo the High Priestess of Erotica graced the stage and the mood changed for a select few. From her mouth flowed bold words of sexual relations painting scenes so vivid that one could feel their flesh begin to dance. Now mind you the room was full of adults and I doubt any virgins. Yet the hearing of these words embarrassed and intimidated some, visibly noticeable by the awkward shifting and blank stares. Not to mention those who were too embarrassed to accept a free condom. Grown women who choose to attend adult events and who are more than likely sexing up a storm should not behave as teenagers.  We show how truly vulnerable we are. Own your sexual health. And in this owning, you inevitably have the power to become one less…statistic.

Now head down to your nearest local drugstore and get yourself a three pack! (Here is where I insert disclaimer; sex is for married folk 😉

Get tested!! Stay Protected!!

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