A Lovely Day! (Day 14)

15 Jan A Lovely Day! (Day 14)

I wake up to the smell of turkey bacon and sounds of someone in the kitchen preparing breakfast just for me. After morning meditation and reflection a quick glance at my to-do list reveals less than five things and no errands to run. I take the pooch for a walk around the neighborhood. I walk at a pace fast enough to elevate my heart rate but slow enough to take in the neighborhood scenery and sounds. Birds chirp, dogs bark, and a few cars drive pass. Cheerful neighbors honk and wave.  I take the time to deeply inhale nature into my nostrils. My mind is free and clear. No hurry. No rush. No deadlines. My morning shower is long and hot. No hurry. No rush. No deadlines. I throw on my favorite jeans, jump into the car, and excitedly head up I-75 bobbing my head to Lauryn Hill. Making my way into Lennox Mall, I anxiously arrive at Teavana. I browse every shelf, getting lost in the aroma of freshly brewed teas- so many to choose from.  Before heading home, I visit the art museum and spend hours gazing at and admiring a broad range of artistic expression. Evening finds me cooking an early meal, my favorite pasta. I unwind to the sounds of jazz, candles burning, and a bottle of wine. Yes the whole bottle! I’m in a zone as my creativity spills onto page after page of my new novel. No hurry. No rush. No deadlines.


  • kandy maria mims
    Posted at 02:14h, 15 January Reply

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