My Happy 100! (Day 13)

14 Jan My Happy 100! (Day 13)

Books                Greeting cards            Summer breezes                  Wine tasting                             
Date night             Stevie Wonder            Butter Pecan Ice Cream              Black and white pictures 
Vintage Clothing     Sketching   Pedicures                          Learning             Antique Cars              
 Cranberry Juice              Backrubs                     Pink                   Martinis                       Picnics                         
   Hugs                Butterfly kisses                   Red Velvet Cake                         Bay windows
 Onyx Pearls        Rainbows              First Signs of Fall             Thoughts of Exotic Places          
The Sound of Rain         Paris, France               Tea                 Travel           
Mahogany, Sparkle, and Lady Sings The Blues           Laughing         Sushi                    Live jazz          Board Games     Braylon             Peach cobbler                      Pineapples                   Body Scrubs         Family                 birthdays                                 Boy Shorts             Calla Lilies
Fuzzy Socks                 hammocks     Lemon Berry Slushes         Vineyards   Cheese         Johnnie Rocket’s
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