The Silent Killer: HIV or Self?

01 Dec The Silent Killer: HIV or Self?

Everywhere I turn; my ears, eyes, and mind are inundated with sex, from sex scandals in the church, to schools, to child trafficking, and porn on the internet and television.  Television alone is near porn with the salacious videos of skimpily clad women showcasing their body parts while gyrating to sex laced lyrics to actual simulation of the act. I get in the car and “you want to see some ass, I want to see some cash” comes blaring through the speakers. Changing the station doesn’t get any better because a young self proclaimed panty droppa boasts “he can lay ya done, but I’mma beat it up” which prompts me to insert a CD. It feels as though men are walking around with constant erections and women panty less waiting for the next conquest. Gone are the days of Studio 54 where on any given night people engaged in orgies and wild sex acts with complete strangers in the open with very little consequence. Fast forward to 2010 and we are faced with an epidemic-HIV/AIDS; one that does not discriminate between age, race, or gender. Yet we continue to partake in risqué behaviors from one night stands, to swinging, to inviting other’s into the marital bed, to male and female prostitution compounded by the lack of protection or education. Sexual activity is as natural as riding a bike… for some, but we can’t negate the responsibility involved (here is where I say sex is for married adults- but foregoing hypocrisy and backlash I will leave that up to you and the Creator). Screwing recklessly like wild animals is not the solution. And here is why: HIV/AIDS in the African American Community has become a desperate issue. What I find to be the most tragic as I learn more about the disease and get in the trenches of the fight is that few women “own” their sexual health. It is evident that there are some deeply rooted, self esteem, generational issues lurking. How can one’s maxim be “I am woman hear me roar” or “I’m a strong black woman” and when it comes to your sexual partner one becomes totally vulnerable and weak? The discussion about sexual history, status, or condom usage is ignored or dared to be trodden. We have overcome too many struggles and injustices to do ourselves an injustice and be wiped out due to ignorance and fear.

The bottom line- Know your status for your life as well as others. Skyy luvs ya and needs you to survive!

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