Guess Who…….

07 Dec Guess Who…….

His tongue circled her areola with gentleness. Sucking slowly and softly he took as much of her breast in as his mouth could hold. Her moan was barely audible. She was afraid to show her delight. His tongue flicked across her erect nipples as she dug her hands in his head. A thud against the wall interrupted the mounting foreplay. They both knew who and what it was. She turned slightly to see a shadow peaking from the side of the room. Only a profile of the “Mrs.” was visible yet it was hard and expressionless. This was her request; however she was riddled with mixed emotions; guilt, shame, and arousal. While it pained her to see her husband making love to another woman, she was turned on to see the pleasure he was giving. She stood quietly and watched.   

In a world that has become more salacious and filled with sexual pervasion, the act of inviting another in the bedroom to partake in what sometimes is lewd and lascivious behavior has become a standard for many. Foregoing the premises of marital vows and honesty in monogamous relationships has been easier to do than walk away and not relegate oneself to a loss of dignity and self worth. Open is the new boundary.  The spice in a marriage is now the other woman instead of spontaneity, sexy lingerie, and perhaps new positions.

Gone are the days when the idea was taboo. Yet plans are devised to ensure a simple follow through. You, me, and he has been anything but simple. So the scholars on this, shall we call them swingers, have said it all begins with a request. A request that without a doubt leaves the partner feeling inadequate, but the love for the mate elicits a reluctant yes. Now begins the quest of finding a suitable participant that they both can agree upon. Mind you, the mental capacity of that participant must be of which he/she is able to conceptualize and understand that sex is the only thing to be exchanged. This is critical above all factors, due to the fact that the third party is already chartering upon unstable territory. Now look at some hypotheticals…what happens when she really brings the pfunk or he dickmatizes her? Operation Phase Out begins; initiated by secret meetings of the two actively engaged, Scandals arise, Friendships dissolve.

It all amounts to the cost one is willing to pay in risking what’s sacred; an orgasm, a fresh piece of ass perhaps? If it’s a little more oomph one desires; get creative. It’s too late to regain a fantasy from immature and carefree days. Before deciding to become open…pause..and keep it closed.

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