Soul on Fire


Dana Taylor is 29, beautiful, well- educated, and a rising star in corporate Atlanta. Living a life akin to the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dana’s personal life begins to overshadow her professional life. Dana lives life on her own terms, no matter the cost and often finds herself in the throes of one unhealthy relationship after another. Filling the void between her legs to mask a soul devoid of worthiness, she engages in life altering behaviors. Not until she has retreated into the emotional shelter of various “unavailable” men, ruined a marriage, and jeopardized a friendship does she look inward to find the source of her self-destructive behavior. To reclaim herself and find redemption, she must unlock the demons of her past and confront those that stole her innocence. Soul on Fire chronicles one woman’s journey for inner peace and happiness; neither of which comes without a price. The novel is an exploration of the torment of abuse and the consequences of self-hatred and self-destructive behavior; it sheds light on why so many women sabotage relationships and friendships that mean so much.